Frequently Asked Questions about Government Shutdown

FAQ's on Government Shutdown

This is just a partial list, so call our office at 602-956-2285 for any other questions you might have related to the shutdown.

Since we opened our doors, we've been able help residents of the 9th district navigate important services, and we will continue to serve our community during the government shutdown.  

For Veterans and Military

Are veterans still able to get health care? 

Yes – the VA hospitals, clinics and other health services will remain open.

Is military health care impacted? 

While Tricare coverage is not expected to be immediately affected, military hospitals and health and dental clinics could be limited to treating active-duty military, and only emergencies for other patients.

What happens to veterans receiving compensation for service- or combat-related wounds and injuries? 

The Department of Veterans Affairs said the shutdown could stop distributing compensation and pension checks to more than 3.6 million veterans who rely on these benefits if the shutdown continues into late October.

Are other veterans' benefits impacted? 

Pension, education and vocational rehabilitation payments will continue at least through late October, but the programs could be suspended if the shutdown continues longer.

Are active-duty military furloughed? 

No. All active-duty military are essential.

Are active-duty military paid during the shutdown? 

The House passed legislation that would appropriate money for active-duty and reserve paychecks regardless of the shutdown, but the bill must be passed by the Senate.  If the shutdown continues into next week, payroll might not be processed in time for the Oct. 15 paychecks.

For Seniors and Families

Will seniors continue to get Social Security benefits? 


Will unemployment benefits be paid? 


Can I still get food stamps? 

Yes – the SNAP program is funded for another year.

Is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) impacted?

The Arizona WIC program will continue for now with their 3% set aside funds. However, those funds may run out by the end of the month.

Can I visit national parks? 

No - National Park entrances are closed.

For Federal Loans

Can I still get a federally backed loan? 

Federal loans for rural communities, small business owners, and families buying a home will be frozen.

Can I still get a Small Business Administration loan?

No - only the Disaster Loan Program is operational.

For Students

Are student loans impacted? 

They should not be impacted in the short term.

Is the federal school lunch program impacted? 

Most schools will be able to provide meals through October, since schools are reimbursed for these costs on a monthly basis and allowed to carry over funds from the previous fiscal year.

Are Head Start programs impacted? 

Around 20 of the nation’s Head Start centers for preschoolers have been closed.

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