Jobs and the Economy

Our nation’s economy is showing some improvement, but it’s not working very well for middle-class Arizonans.  Kyrsten is working in Congress to make our economy work better for everyone. It starts with investing in our communities, creating jobs, and giving Arizona families access to the tools to be economically secure.

Arizona needs a modern infrastructure to compete globally, which is why Kyrsten supports legislation to create a fiscally responsible infrastructure bank. We need to improve education, make college more affordable, and expand technical and job training opportunities. Women should be paid equally for equal work, and working families should be paid enough to make ends meet. To support these priorities, Kyrsten is working to stimulate economic growth through tax reform; by weeding out waste, fraud and abuse in federal programs; and by leveraging public-private partnerships to create opportunity for Arizonans.

Supporting Small Businesses

This year, the House of Representatives passed two of Kyrsten’s bipartisan bills to reduce red tape and help Arizona small businesses create jobs and grow our economy. The Helping Angels Lead Our Startups Act provides a clear path for startup businesses to connect with angel investors and venture capitalists through “demo days” without being subject to onerous verification requirements. The HALOS Act was passed by the House in late April. The Fostering Innovation Act provides commonsense regulatory relief for companies on the cutting edge of scientific and medical research. The Fostering Innovation Act passed the House in May.

Building a 21st Century Infrastructure

There is a major need to improve aging infrastructure in our country.  Most of us agree that our country is overextended, and raising taxes isn’t the answer. Kyrsten supports legislation to create a large-scale infrastructure financing entity that is funded by selling infrastructure bonds to private corporations.  In exchange for purchasing these low-yield bonds, the companies receive a one-time tax-break to bring their overseas earnings back into the United States. This bipartisan legislation encourages private investment in projects that create good jobs for Arizona workers and build lasting and modern infrastructure. 

Cutting Red Tape

Business owners in Arizona regularly tell Kyrsten that our inefficient and often confusing regulatory environment hurts their ability to grow and hire. Small businesses are especially burdened by unnecessary and costly regulations. This is why she supports the Regulatory Improvement Act, which creates a framework for reviewing and modifying, consolidating, or repealing the many layers of regulation that have accumulated over decades through a temporary, bipartisan Regulatory Improvement Commission.

Kyrsten Means Business

We started Kyrsten Means Business to listen to job creators and to work with them to grow Arizona’s economy and expand opportunity for Arizonans. The businesses we've visited range from small tech start-ups, like Monarch Power in Scottsdale, to large industrial manufacturers, like Intel in Chandler, to community non-profit organizations, like St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix. During each visit, we spend time with leadership and employees to learn about the organization and the challenges it faces, and to identify ways to work together to reduce unnecessary burdensome regulations, access new markets, or leverage new opportunities. If you would like Kyrsten to visit your business, please contact our office.


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