Sinema Gets Results for AZ Families, Passes Three Bills through House

Despite Congressional dysfunction, Congresswoman Sinema (AZ-09) is working across the aisle and getting things done for everyday Arizonans. Sinema helped pass three bipartisan bills today through the House addressing issues that matter to Arizona families. The Sinema-backed bills fight human trafficking, protect our country from weapons of mass destruction, and help Arizona veterans pursue homeownership.

“Amidst all the chaos in Washington, the three bills we’re passing today are proof that we can still get things done if we work together and find common ground,” said Congresswoman Sinema. “We worked across the aisle on these common sense solutions that improve our ability to fight human trafficking, protect our country from terrorist organizations and rogue states like North Korea and Iran, and ensure Arizona veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned. I will continue to work with anyone to deliver results that keep Arizona families safe and ensure we continue to honor our commitment to veterans and military families.”

Of the bipartisan bills that passed today:

Sinema introduced the Improving Strategies to Counter Weapons Proliferation Act, with Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) to help choke off financing for terrorist organizations and rogue states engaged in weapons proliferation. The bill directs the Treasury Department to collaborate with law enforcement and the intelligence community to help financial institutions counter weapons proliferation.

Sinema cosponsored the Protect Affordable Mortgages for Veterans Act, with Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-01) and Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22). The bill makes a critical fix to existing law that helps Arizona veteran homeowners save money and pay off their mortgages, all while ensuring they remain protected from shady lenders.

Sinema cosponsored the Empowering Financial Institutions to Fight Human Trafficking Act of 2018, and joined an all-women effort with Congresswoman Ann Wagner (MO-02), Carolyn Maloney (NY-12), and Mia Love (UT-04) to pass it through the House Financial Services Committee. The bill empowers qualified nonprofits to share information and report potential human trafficking and money laundering activities to financial institutions so that they can freeze assets and stop traffickers in their tracks.

This effort is the latest in Sinema’s longstanding fight against human and sex trafficking. Last year, Sinema cosponsored the Fighting Online Sex Trafficking Act, which became law in April. The bill empowers local law enforcement to bring websites that facilitate or promote sex trafficking to justice. Last year, the Congresswoman co-sponsored the TARGET Act, which improves State Department efforts to counter human trafficking and was signed into law in March. Sinema continues to work towards passage of the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act, of which she is a cosponsor. The bill ensures that the State Department places a high priority on its work to fight human trafficking.