Sinema Hosts Special Order on Veteran Suicide Awareness

Washington, D.C. – In recognition of Suicide Awareness Month, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema hosted a bipartisan special order in the U.S. House on veteran suicide. Sinema convened a similar bipartisan special order on veteran suicide in September of last year. Sinema is leading an effort to raise awareness about the epidemic, which claims the lives of an estimated 22 veterans every day in the U.S.

“An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide every day in our country. That's one life lost every 65 minutes,” said Sinema during the special order. “The issue of veteran suicide and the systemic problems in the VA system require a sustained local and national effort. Each of us can do something to raise awareness, to be that light for a struggling veteran in our community.”

As part of her ongoing efforts to support veterans and their families, Sinema recently released the “Veteran Resource Guide for Congressional District 9,” a comprehensive 27-page guide that provides local veterans with detailed information about available community resources.

Sinema’s remarks on the House floor: