Sinema Joins Luke AFB Servicemembers, Military Families, Local Veterans

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) met yesterday with Arizona veterans and servicemembers and their families stationed at Luke Air Force Base. At Starbucks’ Military Family Store, Sinema listened to Arizona servicemembers, veterans, and their families describe their experiences attaining a quality education, finding a good-paying job as a military spouse, and living in a supportive military community. She also discussed her work to support Luke Air Force Base and expand access to education benefits, job training, and other support for veterans, servicemembers and families.

Sinema meets veterans and Luke Air Force Base military spouses at Starbucks' Military Family Store

“Supporting military families and honoring our commitment to Arizona veterans are two of my highest priorities,” said Congresswoman Sinema. “Military families sacrifice for our country, and it’s critical we provide them with the support they need while their loved ones serve. It is also our responsibility to ensure veterans have the tools to succeed when they transition to civilian life. The Arizonans I met today deserve better access to the education and job training benefits they’ve earned, as well as improved care from the VA. I’m working to cut through the chaos and dysfunction in Washington to improve these services for Arizona veterans and servicemembers.”

Starbucks’ Military Family Store focuses on hiring employees who are veterans and military spouses. The branches work with local non-profits to provide services to veterans and their families in the local community.

Sinema works across the aisle to deliver solutions that provide Arizona veterans with the care and support they’ve earned. Just this year, she’s worked across the aisle to help:

·       Reduce wait times and improve quality of care at the VA;

·       Prepare departing servicemembers to attend college, learn a technical trade, or start a small business;

·       Support military spouses by making it easier for them to find jobs, obtain career counseling, and join the federal workforce;

·       Ease the transition to civilian life by improving financial literacy programs;

·       Prepare the VA to meet the needs of future generations of combat veterans;

·       Expand and expedite care for U.S. Navy ‘Blue Water’ Vietnam veterans;

·       Improve access to mental health services through Veterans Treatment Courts; and

·       Reform hiring practices at the VA to boost accountability and improve care for veterans.