Sinema Statement on H.R. 1181

"Currently, if a veteran is appointed a fiduciary from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the veteran is labeled as “mentally incompetent” and automatically reported to the National Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Veterans may be appointed fiduciaries for many reasons including injury, disease, or age. This bill requires a judicial authority to affirm that the veteran is dangerous before being placed on the NICS. The assignment of a fiduciary is not a reliable determiner of a veteran’s mental health or potential threat to public safety. Veterans Service Organizations have also expressed concerns that losing a Constitutional right deters veterans from seeking VA medical treatment and services.  


"The Second Amendment protects our fundamental rights as Americans, and I support those rights. I also believe there are common sense actions that increase safety and are supported by reasonable gun owners. I share the view of a majority of Arizonans that people who are dangerous felons or dangerously mentally ill should not have access to firearms. For example, if a licensed mental health professional determines a veteran is a threat to himself or others and, following appropriate due process, this determination is affirmed, I support placing the veteran on NICS."


Veterans organizations supporting this legislation include: The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, The Military Order of the Purple Heart, Concerned Veterans for America, Student Veterans of America, Reserve Officers Association, Fleet Reserve Association, Association of the United States Navy, Military Officers Association of America, the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States, VetsFirst, AMVETS and United States Army Warrant Officers Association