Sinema Statement on H.R. 3003 and H.R. 3004

“Arizonans know the consequences of our country’s broken immigration system. Last Congress, I supported reasonable legislation to encourage communities to follow existing information sharing laws for immigration enforcement.

“The first bill considered by the House this week, H.R. 3003, goes dangerously further than last year’s bill. H.R. 3003 creates new enforcement burdens on local police, limits the ability of Arizona law enforcement to develop policing strategies that work for our communities, and puts local police at risk of violating the constitutional rights of Arizonans. I voted against H.R. 3003 because it would threaten the safety and security of our communities.

“The second bill considered by the House this week, H.R. 3004, which largely mirrors current law, provides judges with greater discretion when sentencing violent criminals. I voted for H.R. 3004 to keep convicted and dangerous felons off our streets.

“Neither of these bills does enough to responsibly fix our failed immigration system. We need comprehensive changes that secures our borders, grows our economy, and settles the status of millions of people already in the U.S."