Sinema Statement on Long-Term Budget Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) released the following statement on the long-term budget deal: 

“Washington politicians shouldn’t congratulate themselves for doing their jobs over four months late. It is Congress’s job to agree on a budget and responsibly fund the government by October 1st of each year. It is shameful it has taken this long. 

“Arizonans expect a government that works with them and not against them. This budget deal brings us closer to ending the cycle of short-term funding patches and shutdown threats. It allows needed investments in veterans healthcare, infrastructure, and national security. It keeps the doors open at Arizona’s community health centers and provides affordable care for tens of thousands of Arizona kids on KidsCare. It is a good deal but much more work remains. 

“Now, Congress must act to secure our borders and provide an earned path to citizenship for Dreamers. I’ve reached across the aisle to introduce legislation that achieves these goals. Our bill has the votes to pass right now, and I continue to call on congressional leadership to hold a vote immediately. Those who stand in the way of results, who say ‘my way or the highway,’ and who blame and name call are more focused on the next election than helping the American people. They should step aside and let the adults get to work.”