Sinema Statement on the American Health Care Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema released the following statement on the American Health Care Act:

"I’ve studied the American Health Care Act and reviewed multiple detailed analyses of the bill, including the Congressional Budget Office analysis. I do not support this bill. This bill will hurt our state’s economy. It will deny coverage and make health care more expensive for too many Arizona families. Congress has significantly more work to do.

"Healthcare reform should control costs and improve quality and access for hardworking Arizona families. This bill does not meet the mark.

"Under this plan, too many Arizonans, especially older Arizonans, will lose coverage, or face higher premiums or higher deductibles with less financial support for plans that cover less. This bill’s Medicaid repeal could cost Arizona at least $5.6 billion in health care funding and put a $1.475 billion coverage hole in our state’s budget over the next six years. This results in fewer working Arizonans, children, and seniors getting affordable coverage and increased costs for Arizona hospitals, families, and taxpayers. 

"Healthcare reform deserves and requires serious, thoughtful solutions that last the test of time. Congress should not attempt reform without input and cooperation from both parties and the American people. It’s time for members of Congress to put aside their differences, roll up their sleeves, and work together to come up with real solutions that deliver quality, affordable healthcare for hardworking Arizona families."