Sinema to AZ Police Chiefs, Sheriffs: We're Working Across the Aisle to Support Law Enforcement

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) yesterday addressed a group that included police chiefs, sheriffs, and law enforcement officials about the need for bipartisan solutions to keep our communities safe. Sinema discussed her work to ensure law enforcement have the necessary resources to protect Arizonans and their families.

“We ask a lot of our policemen and policewomen. It’s up to us to ensure they have the tools they need to do their jobs,” said Congresswoman Sinema. “Even with all the chaos and dysfunction in Washington, we’re working across the aisle to find solutions that support law enforcement in their work to keep us safe. In the last year alone, we’ve come together to help protect officers from targeted violence, improve their access to mental health services, and bolster Arizona’s efforts to fight back against the opioid epidemic.”


Sinema discusses her work to support Arizona law enforcement as they keep our communities safe

Sinema spoke to the Arizona Alarm Association at their Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner. Sinema updated the audience on her work on behalf of Arizona’s officers and answered questions on law enforcement priorities.

Sinema’s remarks reflected her ability to get results for Arizona’s law enforcement community. Recently, she has worked across the aisle to help give law enforcement the tools they need by:

  • Enhancing Arizona law enforcement initiatives to fight the opioid epidemic by pushing for increased resources for the Byrne JAG program;
  • Improving mental health and peer support resources for Arizona officers by cosponsoring and helping pass the Mental Health and Wellness Act into law; and
  • Protecting officers in the line of duty by working to increase penalties for violently targeting police officers