Sinema Urges Action by Arizona Leaders to Fight Opioid Epidemic, Strengthen Border

Sinema: “It’s past time Washington put politics aside to address the opioid crisis and help our families and communities heal”

Phoenix, AZ – Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) urged Arizona lawmakers today to come together around bipartisan solutions to combat the country’s opioid crisis and strengthen American border security. In her remarks at a Homeland Security subcommittee hearing in Phoenix, Sinema drew attention to the impact of opioids on Arizona communities and identified potential approaches to help Arizona stop the opioid epidemic.

“Too many Arizonans know the pain of losing a loved one, a neighbor, or a friend to opioid overdose. Our families deserve safe and healthy communities,” said Congresswoman Sinema. “It’s past time Washington put politics aside to address the opioid crisis and help our families and communities heal. We must work across the aisle to take commonsense steps that fight back against the opioid epidemic. We should start by implementing proven strategies to secure our border, supporting effective treatment programs, and attacking the root causes of the problem, like opioid over-prescribing.”

Sinema noted how the PASS Act, a bill she co-introduced, would work in tandem with Governor Doug Ducey’s Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act to cut down on opioid over-prescribing, a root cause of the opioid crisis. The measure, which recently passed a key committee, offers a multi-pronged approach to helping seniors who are all too often affected by this epidemic.

Sinema submitted additional questions for the record requesting information from Gov. Ducey on his administration’s:

  • Support for measures to cut off funding for drug-smuggling international criminal organizations.
  • Plans to better utilize AHCCCS, one of our most effective tools to provide opioid treatment and recovery services, into the state’s efforts to combat opioids.
  • Suggested actions to coordinate with federal agencies to do more to crack down on the over-prescribing of opioids.

Sinema is a vocal advocate for Medicaid, which provides treatment and recovery services to 4 in 10 opioid addiction victims, and successfully fought back against partisan attempts to gut this critical service.

Sinema has also worked across the aisle to help introduce legislation to ensure the DEA has the tools they need to crack down on corruption and combat the opioid epidemic.