Sinema Votes Against House Tax Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema today voted against H.R. 1. She released the following statement after the vote:

“This bill is a bad deal for Arizona. It explodes the federal debt, likely raises taxes on many small businesses, and makes it harder for Arizona families to get ahead. I oppose this bill because it does not reflect the values and priorities of hardworking Arizonans.

“The House bill increases the debt by $1.5 trillion, forcing cuts to Medicare and crowding out lending and growth opportunities for Arizona businesses. It raises taxes on more than a quarter of Arizonans earning between $51,880 and $83,220. It may also raise taxes on many small businesses by limiting the amount of earnings eligible for the reduced pass-through rate and eliminating other pro-business deductions that help small businesses thrive. That isn’t pro-growth or pro-middle class.

“By eliminating middle class tax breaks for healthcare, housing and education, this bill makes it harder for Arizona families to build better lives. Arizona families deduct approximately $2.2 billion in medical expenses annually. As health care costs increase, this tax increase threatens the economic security of Arizona families. The average Arizonan would lose $20,590 in home equity because of the mortgage and tax provisions in this bill. That is bigger than any benefit from a tax cut.

“This bill puts at risk $2.4 billion in Arizona public education funding over ten years, and threatens an innovative educational partnership between Arizona State University and Starbucks that gives Arizonans the opportunity to develop the skills and tools to get higher paying jobs. Cutting education funding and blocking innovative public-private partnerships does not grow our economy or build a competitive workforce for today or tomorrow.

“I would like to support bipartisan tax reform that upholds our values, but tax cuts are not tax reform. Passing unbalanced tax cuts for short-term political gain is not in the best interest of Arizona or the American people. Congress needs to put partisanship aside and pass tax reform that puts middle class families first, makes us more competitive and strengthens the long-term financial security of Arizona families. I will keep working to make tax reform a better deal for our state.”