Sinema Works on Solutions to Confront Opioid Crisis

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) brought together a group of experts, advocates, and officials today to find solutions to address the opioid crisis in Arizona. At the meeting, Sinema called for a comprehensive strategy to combat the multi-faceted opioid epidemic.

“I’ve heard from too many families in our state who have lost a loved one to an opioid addiction or overdose,” said Congresswoman Sinema. “We have to work together to find solutions that keep these drugs out of our communities and make treatment and recovery available to the thousands of Arizonans struggling with addiction. Hearing from those on the frontlines of this crisis is critical to our work. We’ll continue to take action and work on solutions to give doctors and law enforcement the tools they need, protect AHCCCS and effective treatment programs on which Arizonans depend, and stop criminals from trafficking opioids across our borders.”

“It’s clear Congresswoman Sinema supports law enforcement efforts to remove opioids from our communities, but she also understands we’re not fighting this epidemic on our own. It’s important that she’s brought together a wide array of organizations working together to take action and solve this crisis to save lives.”– Angel Carbajal, Assistant Chief of Police, City of Tempe


Sinema discusses strategies to combat Arizona’s opioid crisis

“I’m a medical professional on the front lines of the fight against the opioid epidemic. Today’s meeting made it clear to me that I can count on Congresswoman Sinema to get results that help me do my job. She understands Arizonans need action to confront the opioid crisis and she’s willing to work with anyone and everyone to get it done.”– Christine Mulford, Nurse Practitioner, CleanSlate Centers

Sinema has worked across the aisle to help keep illegal opioids out of Arizona communities and improve access to treatment for those suffering from addiction by:

Voting to:

Cosponsoring and helping pass bills to: