Sinema Works to Make Health Care More Affordable with Doctors, Patient Advocates

Doctors, patient advocates, and other Arizona health leaders joined Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-09) today to find solutions to lower the cost of health care for Arizona families. During a roundtable meeting held in Phoenix, the group discussed how to increase access to quality, affordable health care, preserve protections for pre-existing conditions, defend patients who count on Medicare and AHCCCS, and protect older Arizonans from an “age tax” on their health insurance.

“Wherever I go in Arizona, the issue I hear about most is the rising cost of health care,”said Congresswoman Sinema. “I’m working with Arizona doctors, hospitals, and patient groups to fix what’s broken and protect the care that Arizona families count on. We’re focused on solutions that control costs, increase access, and ensure coverage for hardworking Arizonans.”

Sinema discusses the need to improve access to affordable care at MIHS

Sinema held the roundtable at Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) in Phoenix. Joining the congresswoman were leaders with MIHS, the Arizona Medical Association, Banner Health, Dignity Health, Mission of Mercy, the National Patient Advocate Foundation, the University of Arizona Medical School, Mountain Park Health, and the Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers.

“Congresswoman Sinema has been a dependable partner in MIHS’ mission to provide exceptional, affordable care to every patient. We serve almost 450,000 people every year, so we know what Arizonans need from the health care system. Today, we shared that knowledge with the Congresswoman so that we can work together to make health care more affordable for Arizona families.” - Steve Purves, President and CEO, MIHS

“I met with Congresswoman Sinema today to discuss issues relating to patients’ access to health care. She clearly understands what’s at stake for Arizonans. At the Patient Advocate Foundation, we step in and help when patients with serious pre-existing conditions can’t afford the care they need. We look forward to continuing to work with Congresswoman Sinema to make sure patients with pre-existing conditions have access to effective, affordable treatment.” – Cynthia W. Buness, Patient Advocate

“At Banner Health, we’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce costs and improve care for our patients. Today, we shared some of our ideas with Congresswoman Sinema and the Arizona health care community. We appreciate Congresswoman Sinema’s interest and commitment to enhancing the health care system to meet patient needs.” – Jason Bezozo, Vice President, Banner Health

Sinema has worked across the aisle to protect programs that improve access to affordable care and fix the broken health care system by: