Sinema Works with Valley Company Creating Jobs, Keeping Troops Safe

Bringing her Jobs Tour to Chandler, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema met today with employees at ArmorWorks, a local business that manufactures armor and protective technologies to keep American servicemembers safe. Sinema met with company leaders to discuss her work to help businesses like ArmorWorks create more good-paying jobs in Arizona.

“Companies like ArmorWorks create good, local jobs and drive our state’s economy,”said Congresswoman Sinema. “ArmorWorks also helps our servicemembers stay safe with protective products and components made right here in the Valley. Today, I met with leadership and employees at ArmorWorks to discuss what they need to bring more good-paying jobs to Arizona.”

Sinema meets ArmorWorks employees as she tours the manufacturing facility

“ArmorWorks has a long history and undying passion for protecting our service men and women, our allies and our diplomats around the world. We are equally passionate about providing good jobs for Arizonans. Congresswoman Sinema shares our passions and understands what Arizona businesses need to create more jobs in our state. We had a great discussion with Congresswoman Sinema today and we look forward to working with her to help Arizona’s economy continue to grow.” – Brad Wiggins, COO, ArmorWorks

Sinema is a leader in efforts to support businesses like ArmorWorks’ growth and hiring. She led the fight to block the Health Insurance Tax, working across the aisle to help ArmorWorks and other businesses avoid a hike in health care costs. Recently, Sinema helped introduce and pass a bipartisan bill to delay the tax, and she’ll continue to work towards its full repeal.

Sinema also helped ArmorWorks meet the needs of our servicemembers. This year, she worked with ArmorWorks to help ensure our military made necessary investments to keep our troops safe, such as armoring vehicles against IED blasts.