Fostering Innovation Act -> PASSED!

Dear Friend,

This week, the House of Representatives passed the Fostering Innovation Act, legislation we introduced with Congressman Trey Hollingsworth of Indiana to cut red tape for companies on the cutting edge of scientific and medical research.


We’ve heard from companies throughout Arizona that burdensome regulations continue to stifle their ability to grow and succeed. The Fostering Innovation Act allows these companies to spend valuable resources on product research and development instead of costly and unnecessary external audits. This commonsense solution cuts red tape and allows companies like SenesTech in Flagstaff and HTG in Tucson to move life-saving innovations forward.


The Fostering Innovation Act empowers innovative Arizona businesses to use valuable resources to remain competitive, stable, and ultimately successful. For Arizona’s biopharmaceutical companies, this increases competition and could potentially lower drug prices for consumers. I will continue working to create good-paying jobs, strengthen Arizona’s economy, and ensure businesses have every chance to succeed.

I am honored to serve in Congress on behalf of Arizona families like yours. We always appreciate hearing from you on current topics and issues that are important to you. If there is an issue that concerns you, please let us know by clicking this link or by calling our Phoenix office: 602-956-2285. Be sure to stay connected through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and let us know how we can be of service.



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