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On Monday, Congress voted to end the government shutdown that began on Saturday, January 20. The Monday vote funds the government through February 8, funds the Children’s Health Insurance Program (KidsCare in Arizona) for six years, and delays the Health Insurance Tax, Cadillac Tax and the Medical Device Tax.

Congress could have avoided this brief shutdown by advancing commonsense policies that have the broad support of the American people, but it failed. Since October of last year, Washington has wasted time on temporary budgets and half-fixes, and the good, important work that moves our country forward gets pushed to the side. Meanwhile, Arizona families work hard every day to take care of their families and put food on their tables. They worry that their kids won’t have better lives than they had. They deserve government that works for them, not against them. We want to fund a strong national defense that keeps our country secure and Arizona families safe, and make smart investments in veterans care, education, infrastructure, and research that creates opportunity and grows our economy. We want to protect Dreamers so they can contribute to the only country they’ve called home. We want to deploy border security technologies that keep drug smugglers, gunrunners, human traffickers, and other criminals out. These are the values Arizonans share and the values I’m fighting for.

I am glad a deal was reached to get the government running and ensure economic security for military members, veterans, and Arizona families. I voted to end the shutdown because it was unnecessary and shameful. This is not the way to govern, and despite finding a temporary solution, the underlying budget and policy challenges that caused the shutdown remain. There are bipartisan solutions in the House and Senate to create a long-term budget, fund our military, secure our border, and protect Dreamers. There is now a commitment from congressional leadership to make this happen, and Washington politicians who stand in the way of these solutions should step aside and let us get to work.

Our country can make progress on each of these challenges if more people in Washington have the guts to put partisanship aside and allow bipartisan solutions to move forward. Washington politicians who put political gain over American progress and the pursuit of the American dream should stop and look at what they’re doing to our country. Our challenges are too important for these games.

I am honored to serve in Congress on behalf of Arizona families like yours. We always appreciate hearing from you on current topics and issues that are important to you. If there is an issue that concerns you, please let us know by clicking 
this link or by calling our Phoenix office: 602-956-2285. Be sure to stay connected through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and let us know how we can be of service.



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