Lowering Healthcare Premiums for Arizona Families, Businesses, and Seniors

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Arizonans know that healthcare reform can work better for our state. Good coverage is still unaffordable for too many hardworking families, and gridlock in Congress has prevented commonsense solutions from moving forward.

There are bipartisan actions we can take that will lower premiums and provide relief to Arizona families, businesses and seniors. One action is to delay or repeal the Health Insurance Tax. Health Insurance Tax, or HIT, levies a tax on all fully-insured health insurance coverage. While the tax is ostensibly paid by insurers, the burden truly rests on consumers meaning higher premiums for Arizonans.

Arizonans were spared the HIT’s burden for 2017, thanks to a delay we pushed through Congress in the December 2015 appropriations bill. Unfortunately, because Congress has yet to act on extending the delay or permanent repeal, the tax will strike again in 2018, and at a higher rate.

According to healthcare research firm Oliver Wynman, in Arizona, return of the HIT would mean increased premiums for consumers in the individual market ($162), Medicare Advantage enrollees ($243), small business owners ($168), and AHCCCS enrollees ($226). Arizonans simply cannot bear the burden of additional premium increases. That’s why we introduced bipartisan legislation with Congresswoman Kristi Noem of South Dakota to permanently repeal the HIT. Our commonsense fix prevents these increases and provides much needed relief to Arizona families, seniors, and employers.

For healthcare reform to work effectively for Arizonans, Congress must come together to pass practical, bipartisan solutions that can pass the test of time. Repealing the HIT is a good start, and more work can be done to guarantee every American has access to quality and affordable healthcare. We will continue working with members of both parties to develop thoughtful, commonsense solutions to healthcare reform.

We are honored to serve in Congress on behalf of Arizona families like yours. We always appreciate hearing from you on current topics and issues that are important to you. If there is an issue that concerns you, please let us know by clicking this link or by calling our Phoenix office: 602-956-2285. Be sure to stay connected through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and let us know how we can be of service.




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