Protecting Arizonans from Cyberattacks

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Last week, we joined Senator John McCain and Congressmen Tom O’Halleran, Andy Biggs, Ruben Gallego, and Trent Franks to listen and learn from cybersecurity experts at Arizona State University’s Congressional Conference on Cybersecurity.

As part of our Kyrsten Means Business initiative, we have toured and visited dozens of Arizona businesses of all sizes and across industries. We’ve had the opportunity to learn about their companies and listen to their concerns. Too many Arizona businesses don’t fully understand cybersecurity and aren’t prepared to respond. Here’s the truth: cybersecurity affects every business, large or small. Going forward, we should assume that every business, whether a family farm or a local bakery, will have some sort of online or digital presence. 

Institutions like Arizona State University hear the concerns of these businesses and are preparing a long-term response by expanding the number of cyber-proficient graduates to enhance Arizona’s workforce. The demand is there for cyber Monday skills. Larger businesses need to hire specialists to ensure their businesses are resilient and responsive to emerging cyber threats. Small businesses need employees that possess the technological savvy to take basic precautions and follow best practices. 

How we choose to educate our workforce is essential to advancing our cybersecurity goals. Congress can do its part by supporting programs like Pell Grants and Perkins Loans that help Arizonans afford college, while also protecting federal research funding, which empowers Arizona universities to maintain our competitive edge. I’m committed to working across the aisle to identify and advance bipartisan solutions that help businesses and our workforce be resilient and responsive to emerging cyber threats.

We are honored to serve in Congress on behalf of Arizona families like yours. We always appreciate hearing from you on current topics and issues that are important to you. If there is an issue that concerns you, please let us know by clicking this link or by calling our Phoenix office: 602-956-2285. Be sure to stay connected through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and let us know how we can be of service.





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